Decorate Your Bolster Pillow Cases

We all know that bolster pillows have great practical use. They can be used to provide support to the back as well as hipbones while sleeping. You can use the bolster pillows for supporting your head during sleep like the regular pillows. But unlike the regular pillows, these pillows can support your entire body, irrespective of your sleeping posture, because these pillows are long and narrow in shape. And because of the shape, it can run through the entire length of the bed as well as the body. Read more about pillow cases

Another prominent advantage of the bolster pillows over the regular pillows is that they ensure the uniform support to your head while with the regular pillows, your head tends to dip in the gap between the pillows. And if you prefer to hug the pillow while sleeping on one side, it can cure the back problem, if you have any. These pillows are equally good for providing support to your hip bones, lower back as well as shoulders. Since you are hugging it while you are sleeping, it ensures a gap between the hipbones, which releases any strain from that area. For this reason, these pillows are very good for people having back problems.

Apart from sleeping you can use these pillows in other ways too, as they have great decorative value. These pillows can be decorated with various types of fabrics and designs, they truly can enhance the aesthetic value of your room. The fabrics for bolster pillow cases can range from cotton to satin. While cotton covers are comfortable, the satin casings look great.

Again, you can decorate bolster pillow cases while making use of your creativity. Nice beads works or thread works on the middle of the pillow cases would even add more charm to the visual appearance. Besides that you also can make use of the photos of yourself or others on the casings, if you are that much experimental. Just gather a couple of bolster pillows along with some normal pillows. Cover them with bright colored casings in order to make an attractive sitting arrangement.